Hanak Barbless Hooks

HANÁK is European company that has been specializing in angling equipment since the late 1990’s. Their innovative fly tying hooks have certainly increased many fisherman’s success rate out on the water ten fold.
The use of barbless hooks reduces damage and limits the injury to fish, therefore shortening the handling time of each fish caught.
HANÁK  BL (barbless) Hooks mainly come in packs of 25 with various sizes available for each style.

At Competitive Angler, we’re offering HANÁK Barbless Hooks in the following styles for your tying needs. Dry Fly, Nymph/Stillwater/Wet, Scud/Grub/Czech Nymph, Czech Nymph/Buzzer, Czech Nymph/Pupa, Klinkhammer, Jig Classic, Jig Superb, Wave Point Jig, Jig Champion, Jig Trophy, Allaround Fly, Pupa/Allaround, Allaroud Fly, Steamer/Stillwater., Streamer XL, & Streamer Wave.

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