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Tungsten, a great innovative material brought to the fly tying world enabling us to get nymphs deeper, faster, and in the zone quickly. Almost twice as heavy as lead, the tungsten bead packs a lot of weight in small proportions.
Using a tungsten fly can be the difference between catching and not catching when fishing heavy oxygenated white water. As the water heats up trout will literally put their noses in the heads of crashing pools and pockets not only to cool themselves off, but to also feed on the many nymphs currents will churn up
Fishing during very cold and hot conditions can mean nymphing deep. During cold non-hatch conditions trout will seek deeper hides so they don’t have to fight current and to hold for winter where they will come out every so often when there is a hatch to sip on bugs. When there are no hatch conditions trout still need to eat in order to sustain energy. During these times fish will cruise the bottom of their hide looking for any bottom clinger bugs, i.e. caddis, stones, crane fly larva, dragon nymphs, mayfly nymphs, etc.

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