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  • Whiting Herbert-Miner Hen Cape


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  • Whiting Schlappen 10-14″ Feather Bundle


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  • Whiting Super ‘Bou


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  • Wychwood Competition Drogue & Clamps

    The ultimate in drift control, this drogue has been designed very much with the competitive boat angler in mind. The competition drogue can be used to direct the boat with pin point precision allowing the angler to cover the lake's contours with ease. By slowing the boat down, this competition legal drogue will allow you to fish the water in front of you far more effectively, even in strong winds.
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  • Wychwood Gear Trap Vest

    This is some impressive, wearable luggage, for those anglers that need a little bit more in the way of storage capacity when hey head out on the water. The Gear Trap Vest, which is a cross breed, a kind of hybrid of vest come technical pack and it is the ideal solution for those strength sapping treks out in to the wilderness or even just for a long day on your favorite small water.
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  • X-Caddis


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  • Zac Sexton Montana Guided Trips

    Zac grew up fishing primarily small streams around his hometown in Buffalo, Wyoming where he worked in a small fishing shop and guided fly fishing trips. Since then, he has caught every genetically pure, native cutthroat subspecies in existence -- with a bamboo fly rod, started Fish Whispering, a cable TV fly fishing show, and found a home in Montana where he continues to guide and make bamboo fly rods. Zac enjoys the whole experience of being on the water and fooling fish, especially with traditional gear, like glass and bamboo rods, furled leaders and flies tied with natural materials. However, he also loves using newer techniques such as Euro-nymphing and using any fly necessary to find fish.
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