Maxima Chameleon Leader Spools


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Maxima Chameleon leader material carries the claim that it blends in with blending in with backgrounds to be less visible to fish underwater, where most fish live most of the time. We use it for making custom leader butt sections. Its stiffness gives great energy transfer and allows you to fish thinner butt sections but still achieve leader turnover. Thinner butt sections weigh less so they sag less in your guides when euro nymphing! Chameleon is somewhat stiffer than Ultragreen, so it will turn over larger dry and wet flies in the wind, if this is a consideration in the places where you will be fishing.

-Each leader wheel contains 27 yards of material.

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10LB / .012", 12LB / .013", 15LB / .015", 20LB / .017", 25LB / .020", 8LB / .010"


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