Hanak Champion Fluorocarbon Tippet (50 Meter Spools)


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Hanak competition fluorocarbon tippet with its revolutionary attributes makes it ideal for the spookiest of fish. Almost invisible in the water, it sinks quickly being two times heavier than water, doesn’t lie on the surface and doesn’t frighten fish. Fluorocarbon is denser, smoother and doesn’t soak water and doesn’t change its diameter and
remains transparent. It is more durable and less elastic.
-50M spools
-Made in japan

Additional information

Fluorocarbon Tippet Size

0.18mm/6LB, 0.16mm/5LB (5x), 0.14mm/4LB (5.5x), 0.12mm/3LB (6x), 0.10mm/2.5Lb (7x)


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