Air-Lock Strike Indicator

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-Lightweight & buoyant
-Easy to use
-Totally adjustable for depth
-Reusable & long lasting

Quit sacrificing your tapered leaders to the “bobber gods.” The Air-Lock Strike Indicator is ultra buoyant, super visible, durable, easy to adjust, and won’t render the butt section of your leader a kinky mess.

Air-lock strike indicators accommodate leader and tippet material of widely varying diameters. Use them on everything from 25 pound butt section material to 6x tippet. Thanks to the o-ring in the cap design, even thin diameter tippets don’t slide through once the cap is locked down. Adjusting the position of the indicator on your leader is as easy as twisting the cap a half turn, sliding the indicator, and locking it back down. Once the indicator is removed, the leader emerges unscathed.

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1", 1/2", 3/4"


Clear, Orange, Pink, White, Yellow

2 reviews for Air-Lock Strike Indicator

  1. Tim (verified owner)

    Great idea. Works as advertised. Easy to adjust. One word of caution. Be careful when you put them on. Best to do it ever a flat, clean surface, like a car hood, so if you drop the little rubber washer you do not lose it. If you do, it’s done for.

  2. Jeff (verified owner)

    These work better than others I have tried. I have used other types of indicators, depending on the water, fish spookiness or light. I like that they don’t kink your leader, leave a glue residue on your line or slide as some have. They adjust easily to change depths as needed. I have used the clear, which doesn’t spook the fish. There is an extra cap in the package, but the washer may pop off time to time. Overall, a great indicator to use.

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