Varivas IWI T-2000 Iwai Terrestrial Fly Hooks (30 Pack)


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Similar profile to the S-2000 with a wide gape and short shank give this hook a great profile underwater. Super sharp for best hook setting and holding ability which enters into below water
-2x Fine
-Micro barb
-Long-taper point – down-eyed
-NS black finish
-30 hooks per pack
*Keiichero Iwai was born in 1953 and has been fishing for 49 years. He is the number one in Japanese fly fishing and has been fly fishing for the past 34 years. His great legacy will remain long into the future with his original fly patterns, energetic writing activity and tackle development with VARIVAS®. The ‘truth’ of Iwai style fly fishing is there for all to see.

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