Syndicate Aquos Series Fly Rods


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-Helical Carbon Fiber Construction
-Matte Charcoal, Stealth Finish Carbon Fiber Blank (4-Piece)
-Quick Progressive Power Curve, Fast Recovery
-4A Cork Handle, Full Wells w/ Rubberized Cork Fighting Butt
-Aircraft Grade, All Aluminum, Matte Black Anodized Reel Seat
-TiCH Single Foot Guides
-SiC Ceramic Insert Stripping Rings
-PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) TiCH, 1-Piece Frame Stripper Guides
-Saltwater Safe Construction
-Weight: 10’5wt/118 grams, 10’6wt/121 grams, 10’7wt/124 grams, 10’8wt/127 grams

The Syndicate Aquos series of fly rods are designed and engineered to cover a variety of water, targeted species and terminal tackle configurations. Syndicate Aquos fly rods will handle a variety of fly line types, from full sink to floating tapers. These rods are built on longer than typical tapers which allows us to provide a fly rod that has plenty of power with just enough softness at the tip to protect your leader. We also wanted to offer a series of rods that would be at home in a variety of environments whether you stalk your fish in a salt marsh, high desert lake or large river. Not only will an Aquos rod allow you to hammer out accurate presentations, its unique taper and proprietary carbon, composite construction will help you absorb blistering runs, violent head shakes and the acrobatics that fish employ to bust tippets and throw flies. Hooking fish is one thing. You might as well make sure your fly rod was built to bring them to the net!

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10' 5wt, 10' 6wt, 10' 7wt, 10' 8wt


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