Veevus 16/0 Tying Thread


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This premium 16/0 midge thread from Veevus in Denmark is stronger than many other comparable threads and will not result in excessive build-up. This is possibly world’s thinnest and strongest Non-GSP tying thread! The breaking strength on the Veevus 16/0 is around 430g, which makes it as strong as Benecchi’s 12/0 and even UNI’s and Gudebrod’s 8/0! 100 meters per spool.

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A01-Black, A02-White, A04-Gray, A05-Olive Dun, A07-Red, A08-Dun, A09-Olive, A10-Dark Tan, A11-Brown, A12-Light Cahill, A13-Pink, A14-Fl.Yellow Chartreuse, A15-Fl.Orange, A16-Fl.Green, A17-Tan, A18-Light Olive


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