Frozen North Fly Fishing Jelly Blob Fritz (15mm)




This is the translucent fritz material used to tie the jelly blobs that have taken still waters by storm. The fibers (15mm) are completely translucent and bonded to a micro core. This is a very user friendly fritz. Try to pack in as many turns as possible when tying with jelly to get a more translucent effect. Mixing colors can result in amazing effects.

*Advances in technology and materials have allowed FNF to take their award winning Jelly and improve it. We have given the material.
*More Movement.
*Twice the fluorescence.
*Brighter colors.
*Softer in the fish mouths.
*More translucency.
*Still keeping all the other great qualities of original jelly fritz.
*This is the most technically advanced material available.

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Prawn, Safety Orange, Atomic Yellow, Blushing Sunburst, Fl.Milk, Fire Coral, Zest, Competition Pink, Hulk, Cat Green, Coral, Biscuit, Starfish, American Tan, Pale Olive, Pellet, Ellerdine Olive, Picric, Rutland Red, Marshmallow Pink, Peachy, Magma, Iain Barr's Candy, Orange Sunburst, Flesh, Golden Olive, Fire Pink, Black Jack, Fire Prawn


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