Veniard Condor Substitute Body Herl

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For herl bodies this feather offers a heavily textured fiber with similar characteristics to Condor, making flies like the Rough Olive, where the body needs to be more substantial than those tied with finer Goose shoulder feather. Tying small dries and nymphs is a breeze with this material.

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Blue Dun, Amber, Dark Olive, Fiery Brown, Ginger, Green Olive, Olive Dun, Iron Blue (aka Adams Gray), Black, Orange, Purple, Golden Yellow, Brown Olive

1 review for Veniard Condor Substitute Body Herl

  1. Joe Luebeck

    Really brittle stuff. Letting it soak on top of a wet paper towel helps some. Very hard to use the smallest ends without them snapping. I ordered 3 colors and had similar results with all. Really nice stuff once you get it wrapped onto your fly. Beautiful effect. I counter wrapped with some mono to reinforce it.

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