Troutline Body Herl (Condor Sub)

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Mainly used for herl bodies, this material helps to tie flies like nymphs, emergers or dries where the body needs to be more substantial than those tied with a finer Goose shoulder feather.
*We select the best segment with longest herls from the biggest turkey feathers.

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Beige, Black, Blue Dun, Cream, Golden Olive, Olive, White, Yellow

1 review for Troutline Body Herl (Condor Sub)

  1. greenmtntenkara

    Overall, these aren’t too bad. The colors are nice and consistent (which I would hope for being dyed). They make great bodies for competition style nymphs. They also have nice, long fibers that stand straight, making nice ribs with motion.

    My only issue? They are really brittle and break very easily when tying them in. They have been more brittle than other brands I’ve purchased in the past. If you are using them on anything larger than a size 16 hook, you’ll probably need to use two because they break.

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