Swiss CDC Standard CDC Feathers

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*Packing size: 1 gram – includes 120-140 springs. Feather length between 1cm – 4,5cm

*Our natural models from the world of flies meet us in many colors and shades. The light, the color of the water and the environment challenge us again and again. Take challenge, we have the right colors for it.

*CDC Standard offers a great variety of uses, from the smallest, delicate midges & dry flies to the biggest of mayflies, from micro nymphs too the biggest of nymphs, streamers, or even the salmon fly. Our CDC standard should always be used.

*SWISSCDC offer only the best wild duck CDC’s, taken from the winter feathers. We decided to do this for reasons of significantly better quality. Duck breeding is the quietest during the winter, making the feathers look much better. In the warm season, the breeding ducks are exposed to the heat and greater loads. This in turn has a strong negative impact on the quality of the springs (feather). After thorough cleaning, disinfection and selection, the feathers are dyed in quantities of no more than 100 grams each. This process chain ensures consistent quality so that the customer receives the best goods.

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01 White, 02 Blue Dun, 21 Pardo Olive, 23 Olive, 25 Very Dark Olive, 33 Black, 04 Light Brown, 05 Khaki Campell, 06 Brown, 07 Dark Brown, 08 Dark Grey Khaki, 14 Pale Dun, 15 Dun, 16 Dark Dun, 17 Olive Blue Dun, 18 Pale Pardo, 19 Pardo, 20 Dark Pardo

1 review for Swiss CDC Standard CDC Feathers

  1. Stephen P (verified owner)

    Great feathers, high quality! Very fast and will continue to buy!

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