Spirit River UV2 Mallard Flank


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Great for wings on both wet and dry flies, Spirit River UV2 Mallard Flank works spectacularly from nymph legs or tails, to claws or shellbacks on shrimp or crab, to cut wingpads and even some Salmon flies. These Mallard Flank feathers are unique from the ones of the past. These feathers are treated with two UV properties, causing them to radiate the fluorescence we love but also reflect wavelengths of light that humans can’t see. This little advantage over wary fish makes a huge difference. It might make or break a night of fishing.

The feathers are very simple to work with and result in effective and beautiful flies. They come in a variety of vibrant and long-lasting colors with beautiful barring.


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Wood Duck, Chartreuse, Gray, Natural, Olive, Tan, Yellow


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