Jack Mickievicz Micro-Fine Blend Dry Fly Dubbing



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It’s time to bring dry fly dubbing up to date for the 21st century. Super fine, easy enough for the beginning tiers to handle while designed to satisfy the most discriminating tiers. Fine enough to tye #24 & #26 midges. Insect specific colors for the duns. Compound color blends to more accurately match the way nature colors insects. Blended to match the belly color not the back, the fish eye view. No dubbing is fully water proof, when a fish takes it, it’s like being in a wash machine, special care has been taken to insure the color blends don’t turn the wrong when shade when wet like most generic dubs do. Each blend is made of no less than 3 different furs and hairs to take the best advantage of each. Guard hairs removed to allow fine bristle free thin bodies the same as naturals. Admittedly, I miss a few now and then, you try to absolutely pick¬† out every last one. Highly water resistant, makes floating dry flies float naturally, water has to be worked into it. Not recommended for wet flies, soft hackles or nymphs.

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Lt. Cahill, Lt. Blue Wing Olive, Ouill Gordon, Blue Quill, Dk. Hendrickson (Male)/Red Quill, Lt. Hendrickson (Female), March Brown, Grey Fox, Yellow Sulphur, Orange Sulphur, Eastern Green Drake, Lt. Cahill (Yellow), Blue Wing Olive (BWO), Slate Drake, Isonychia (Bicolor), Trico/Black Ant, Lt. Cahill (Orange), Dk. Hendrickson (Male Spinner), Early Blue Wing Olive (South Holston River Special), Pale Evening Dun (PED), Pale Morning Dun (PMD), Grey Fox Spinner, Royal Purple


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