Wapsi Ultra Chenille (Micro & Standard)


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Ultra Chenille is made of fine synthetic fibers, twisted onto a thread core. Very soft, pliable and easy to use. Used in many nymph, wet and small streamer fly bodies. Ultra chenille is often used as the main ingredient for small San Juan Worms.
*Fl.chart is a must have for the Green Weenie fly.

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Micro, Standard


046-Worm Brown, 056-Red, 509-Fl.Chartreuse, 041-Tan, 050-Golden Brown, 051-Cinnamon, 089-Olive, 100-Black, 001-White, 141-Sculpin Olive, 047-Brown, 031-Light Gray, 131-Dark Gray, 039-Dark Tan, 070-Worm Green, 052-Wine, 060-Light Olive, 063-Caddis Green, 073-Dark Brown, 501-Fl.Red, 504-Fl.Green, 510-Fl.Pink, 517-Fl.Hot Pink, 901-Dark Olive, 092-Purple, 503-Fl.Orange, 505-Fl.Fire Orange, 508-Fl.Shell Pink, 516-Fl.Peach, 006-Yellow, 012-Orange, 013-Burnt Orange


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