Frozen North Fly Fishing Daphnia Blob Fritz (15mm)




Daphnia fritz produced and developed solely by FNF. This material will give you a completely new style of blob or egg pattern. The completely translucent fiber is bonded to a micro core for easy tying. The material is very dense and only takes approx.

*5 turns to fill any of these size Hanak 200,260, dohiku blob/wet, fulling Mill heavyweight champ #8-10. Wide gape hooks are a must in conjunction with daphnia fritz so it doesn’t mask the hook point. The translucency of the material will allow other colors and beads to bleed through.
*To find out a lot more about daphnia fritz check out February 2017 total fly fisher (U.K.) publication.

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Pink Core Biscuit, Melon, Rotting Flesh, Competition Pink, Zest, Prawn, Atomic Yellow, Blushing Sunburst, Coral, Safety Orange, Marshmallow Pink, Egg White, Apricot, Hulk, Mellow Yellow, Magma


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