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Our glass beads are the highest quality Japanese beads available on the market, have an endless number of uses from midges to streamers, and come in some great colors.

-Glass Bead sizing:

* Midge – 15/0 (Approx/ 1.5mm) Roughly 200+ beads per pack (around 1 gram)

* Small – 11/0 (Approx/ 2.2mm) Roughly 150+ beads per pack (around 1 gram)

-Bead coating/effect definitions below ( ) :

* Opaque (OP) – the opposite of translucent. You cannot see through the bead, they are solid colored.

* Transparent (TR) – the opposite of opaque. You can see through these beads.

* Lined (L) – a metallic or opaque coating on the inside of the hole. This bead itself is either transparent or translucent so that this effect can be seen.

* Metallic (MT) – a finish that makes a finished bead look like metal.

Additional information


Midge 15/0, Small 11/0


Black (OP), Brown Rainbow (TR), Copper (MT), Copper Lined Crystal (L), Crystal (TR), Crystal Rainbow (TR), Gold (MT), Gunmetal (MT), Matte Black (OP), Metallic Chocolate (MT), Metallic Dark Bronze (MT), Metallic Light Bronze (MT), Metallic Olive (MT), Opal Rainbow (OP), Peacock (MT), Peacock Emerger (L), Rainbow (MT), Silver (MT), Silverlined Crystal (L), Silverlined Crystal Rainbow (L), Silverlined Emerald Green (L), Silverlined Gold (L), Silverlined Gray (L), Silverlined Root Beer (L), Silverlined Ruby (L), Snozberry (L), Transparent Peacock (TR), Transparent Root Beer (TR), White Pearl (OP)


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