Rock Treads (Universal Aluminum Traction Kits)


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*Fry Kit: 18 Rock Treads Discs – 8 small & 10 medium sizes – Felt Boot Install Ready
20 Custom Flat Tip Triangle Post Screws- For Felt Boots Only
1 Pilot Hole Bit
Enough for 1 pair of boots

*Pickle Kit: 28 total Rock Tread Discs
10 Small Rock Treads Discs
12 Medium Rock Treads Discs
6 Large Rock Tread Discs
30 Custom Flat Tipped Triangle Post Screws- For FELT BOOTS ONLY
1 Pilot Hole Bit
1-2 Pair of Boots

*Lock Down Kit-This is for installing Rock Treads on RUBBER Bottom Boots Only. Does not contain ANY Rock Tread Aluminum Traction Devices, just the hardware to install Rock Treads in your VIBRAM or RUBBER bottomed boots

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Traction Kit Options

Fry (18 Discs/2 Sizes), Pickle (28 Discs/3 Sizes), Lock Down Installation Kit-For Rubber Boots


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