Rite Ceramic Shorty Bobbin


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Smaller flies sometimes require smaller bobbins, so we developed our Shorty to provide the same level of precision tension, along with a smaller sized barrel. This is the perfect tool for those little blue wing olives, midges, small parachutes, or any other pattern where a full-sized bobbin starts to impede your ability to see and/or tie. The Shorty also boasts the top-quality ceramic tube, to ensure smooth performance, and a removable vinyl grip.
*Approximately 3/4″ shorter than the “Rite” Standard
*Great for tiny flies or smaller hands, but many tiers with large hands swear by this bobbin.
*Zirconia Ceramic Thread Tube
*Small Diameter Barrel
*Removable Vinyl Grip
*Solid Brass Arm
*”Click” Drag Adjustment
*1-9 ounces of thread tension
*Works great with spooled wire


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