Hends Spectra Dubbing


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This excellent dubbing material exhibits high spectral lustre. It can be blended with natural dubbing to give extra attraction in a subtle way. The darker green and copper colors can subsitute for peacock herl. Also see our Hends Spectra Rainbow Dubbing.

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02-Orange, 03-Yellow (Lt.Bronze Effect), 04-Yellow Orange, 07-Purple, 13-Light Salmon, 14-Salmon Orange, 15-Grey, 18-Violet, 19-Pink, 29-Dark Pink/Violet, 31-Gold Olive, 32-Olive Brown, 34-Lt.Olive, 39-Olive, 41-Fl.Pink, 45-Peacock Bronze, 46-Peacock Green, 47-Dark Blue Peacock, 89-Charteuse, 94-Fluro Orange, 95-Red, 96-Green, 98-Light Fluro Orange, 114-Light Salmon Pink, 214-Dark Salmon Pink, 235-Dark Cinnamon, 239-Dark Green, 294-Hot Fluro Orange, 295-Copper, 319-Dark Violet, 335-Dark Brown, 435-Dark Copper


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