Wapsi Killer Caddis Glass Beads


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Wapsi Killer Caddis Glass Beads are the highest quality Japanese beads available on the market, and have an endless number of uses from midges to streamers and come in some great colors.
*Size: Midge – 15/0 (Approx/ 1.5mm) 200+ Beads Per Pack, Small – 11/0 Size (Approx/ 2.2mm) 150+ Beads Per Pack.
*Color Type:TR-Transparent, CC-Color Core, OP-Opaque, MT-Metallic

Additional information

Glass Bead Size

Midge (15/0), Small (11/0)

Glass Bead Color

Crystal Pearl (TR), Diamond (CC), Peacock (MT), Gun Metal (MT), Black (OP), Ruby (CC), Rainbow (MT), Silver (MT), Gold (MT), Copper (CC), Pearl (OP)


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